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         SUBCONTRACTOR information

   A little known fact is that most all of the "big" painting companies that you see advertisements for, use subcontractors. Because they get a low flat rate cut of the job total, the subcontractor has to complete the job as fast as he can to make any money. Leaving you with a lower quality, rushed paint job.  Basically this means that after you sign with them and give them a job, they pass that contract to another painting company, or individual working for himself at a very, very reduced rate. You sign up with them thinking they have their own employee's, and some will even boast about their many skilled people, when actually they do not have a single employee. They are simply salesman that sell a job, and then hand it off to someone else.

    Some of these subcontractors have little or no actual painting experience. Some of them are painters who cannot find thier own work, so take work anywhere they can find it. What happens then is the subcontractor has to complete the job as fast as he can, to make any money, leaving you with a lower quality, rushed paint job. And there is also the possibility, that the subcontractor happend to aquire thier own job, halfway through your job, and now his sole intention is to leave your job as soon as possible, by cutting corners anywhere they can. You can imagine the problems there. They are also expected to carry thier own insurance and often times they work on your house without it. The company that sold you the paint job does not have any insurance that covers anyone working on your house.

   There are many painting companies that use subcontractors. The local companies shown in the video use them exclusively, and this method protects them from any and all lawsuits. The one company actually sells what they call a franchise to anyone who has the money regardless of whether or not they have any painting experience, and the division owner uses subcontractors to perform the work. All this "franchise" does is advertise and direct the calls for that area to the local rep. The rep pays  their subcontractors less than 50% of what you paid them to do the job, and makes the subcontractor buy all the materials. What happens then,  is the painter can use cheaper products to save money. You may think you are getting top of the line Sherwin Williams paint applied to your house, when it could actually be an inferior cheap product.

   The other company shown in the video only pays their sub-con-tractors 30%, and sometimes less. While the main contractor of this company does pay for the paint, after he sells you the job you will never see him on the job site ever. If their is a problem, you can call the guy who sold you the job, and he may or may not address the situation. Yet you can bet that the only person coming to fix anything is the now irate subcontractor who performed the unsatisfactory work. This contractor considers his company  as "owner operated", yet he is never on the job to do any actual hands on work. Below is a video of the owner not trusting one of  his own long time "employee's" (subs).

   You may ask how we
know these things about
these companies. I am
informed by people that
have done work for them,
and have gotten work
done by them. The
second company
mentioned, i myself
actually did work with
them for many years
in my early days. I was
one of the very few
contractors that gave
that company a good
reputation. The owner
used to tell me "if a
customer asks if you
work for yourself, or are a subcontractor, tell them no". Well i just couldn't lie to them, and i remember, on many occasions, where a customer would ask for my contact information. Well i had to do the right thing, and tell them that it would be a conflict of interest for me to give out that information. You see they wanted to cut out the middle man and get a reduced rate, and even better quality work. Even though i was paid very little on those jobs, i still treated them like they were my own (as much as i could).

   I am told that now this company has few repeat customers, and they spend thousands of dollars every year, on advertising. Which is always needed for those types of companies to stay afloat with new unsuspecting clients. You see their name around, and think that you can feel secure in dealing with them.  Would you like to get charged top dollar and receive lower end work by a subcontractor? Of coarse not! That is what you are doing, by hiring these big looking companies. Why not cut out the middle man!?,  and get a skilled contractor that works for himself, actually performs the work, and will be on your site every day of the job! We at Paint Masters feel it is our duty to inform you of the truth. We are here to apply our skills to make your home look beautiful.

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